Welcome to Jubilee Home

Creating supportive housing and therapeutic living for young men in Durham

About Jubilee Home

Jubilee Home works with young men in the Durham community to create a place that bridges the gap between incarceration and full independence.

Our goals as an organization balance the real social and psychological needs of our residents with an understanding of community that comes from our belief that everyone has something to contribute.


Doing life together in a way that celebrates diversity and creativity, and acknowledges the strengths and value of each individual.


Creating peaceful housing for transition aged young men (17-24 years old)

Resources & Services

Offering therapeutic resources, access to a network of services and provide individually crafted life-skills curriculum for each resident.

Volunteers & Donations

Volunteers are a critical part of Jubilee Home’s work.  From rehabbing the house, to building the garden, to helping with food and clothes distribution, volunteers have built this organization.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Jubilee Home please contact us at (919) 381-4431 or send an email to jubileehomenc@gmail.com.

Our community garden

Jubilee Home hosts a community garden to provide fresh produce to the house and neighborhood.