Jubilee Home has various physical needs that need to be met. Some are one time necessities, while others are constant needs. Anything on either our Amazon wishlist or local fare list would be extremely helpful!

Each individual coming to the house needs:

A new twin XL sheet set

A new comforter

A new pillow

A new towel set

A monthly bus pass ($36)

A target/Walmart card to get socks/underwear/personal needs ($75)

Money to cover initial expenses of drug screening ($50), birth certificate ($10-40), social security card (free), ID/Driver’s license ($13-40)

Total initial expenses for an incoming resident: $160-225

Items the house always needs:

Paper towels

Toilet paper

White vinegar

Rubbing alcohol

Pine sol

Hand sanitizer

Nitrile gloves

Hand soap

Dish soap



Tampons/pads (for neighbors)

One time items the house needs/wants:

chest freezer

simple desk top computer

plastic cup set

baking sheet set

Some basic herbs/spices

Grill utensil set

Top load washing machine

Books to stock our library: Authors like James Baldwin, James Cone, Maya Angelou, Booker T Washington, WEB DuBois, Toni Morrison, bell hooks, Angela Davis, Octavia Butler, Ta Nehisi Coates, Dr. King, Howard Thurman, William Barber, and series like Harry Potter, as well as books on tangible skills like twelve steps, meditation, skilled labor manuals, restorative practices, and spiritual books and holy manuscripts like the Torah, Koran, bibles, and anything you enjoyed reading or learned from that you think others might appreciate.