Giving to Jubilee Home

donate-1Here are a few options to support Jubilee Home:

  • 50from50 – With our big blessing in the form of an investor for our house comes a change in our financial model and fundraising strategy.  Instead of raising funds for one large down payment, we are now shifting to an incremental funding strategy that will allow us to pay our lease on a monthly basis.  With this change in mind, we are officially launching our 50from50 campaign.  We are looking to find 50 people or entities willing to give $50 a month to Jubilee Home. If you are interested in giving to the 50from50 campaign, sign up on our website or contact us directly to set up a recurring payment.  This campaign is designed specifically to keep a roof over our heads.

  • Schedule a recurring check through your bank. Send to:

    Jubilee Home
    PO box 289
    Durham, NC 27702

  • Email and we can mail you a giving letter

  • If you are interested in donating stock or making an in kind donation to Jubilee Home, contact us at

  • Venmo – find us on the app! @JubileeHomeNC
  • Mogiv – click the link below to give to Jubilee Home

Click Here to Give Online

donate-2Interested in volunteering at JH?

Have a skill or an art you would like to share or teach? Or maybe you just want to see how you can help as a volunteer?  Shoot us an email about being a part of the JH community and we will get back to you ASAP!



Check back as we begin this process of specific needs we may have.


A huge thank you to the following sponsors that have supported us.